Question for the week long trainers who take the weekend off like some do,my AAS stack is getting quite lg. and so is my peptide cycle,but i am more concerned with the peptide cycle timing,sense it seems to be such a short duration compared to much longer lasting AAS stack,like test A or test C,so would you guys still pin peps on sat and sun when you dont lift,it seems like a waste to me,sense i pin 2 times ed all week long,except the weekend. But man sense starting the peptide cycle i have gained 6lbs of good weight,while still dropping fat,when i started i was at 210lbs mornings and now this morning 216lbs,ya i am holding water mostly at night,and i just started my new AAS gear,tren ace,mast ace,and i have been running test prop and test enathat about 1,150 mg weekly plus cjc 1295 no dac,ghrp2 and ghrp6,igf-1 lr3 and igf-1 Des. I have been training for over 40 years and never seen gains like these so quickly,and sense my natural test is all but gone because of my age,these supplies are working wonders. I case anyone was wondering i am 5'6 216lbs this morning,BF at 12% arms 18.5 legs 25 waist 35 chest 49 so i am getting smaller but harder,6 months ago i was 245lbs and 24% BF,have multipal first place wins under my belt plus one overall championship,so i am not new to bodybuilding just some of the new products,and i always competed as a top weight MW 176.5lbs.