Test E Only Cycle LOG.. Sorry for the delay..

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    Test E Only Cycle LOG.. Sorry for the delay..

    This will be my thread for logging my Test E. Cycle.. sorry for the delay. I literally work 9 hours a day Mon - Fri and then 5 hours of school Tue - Thur.
    Cycle as of right now is just Test E. I always have good results with just Test. Might throw something in the mix later on. Thinking about going the distance this time.
    Arimidex .25 ( my ideal dosage ) and Aromasin 25mg's ( my ideal dosage ) on hand. Im not prone to Gyno and i will be getting some blood work done in the future.

    8/22 First Pin - 1.5 cc - Smooth no pain and no pip. "Have mild pip the day after but not from the gear. Little shaky while injecting."

    8/25 Second Pin - 1.5 cc - Smooth no pain and no pip. "Got back into the swing of things not shaky at all."

    8/28 Third Pin - 1.5 cc Smooth no pip

    8/31 Fourth Pin - Smooth no pip - Weighed myself up 8 lbs - My diet has changed, Increased Calories, Water Intake has doubled.

    Everything is going good. Will keep updating.
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