We're switching our carrier oil from CSO to GSO and changing our vials
(labels will stay the same!). A LOT of you guys LOVE CSO, so here's your
chance to take advantage of a special offer that we never send out.
We have a lot of blends left since they were requested so much and now we
have a lot of them to sell.
All blends orders will receive an updated total via e-mail, discounting the
blends 20% off AND free shipping. With shipping being $15 normally, this is
like getting 30% off the blends!

Three different blends for you to chose from:

Cut blend(200mg/ml) consists of:
100 mg/ml of Mast P & 100 mg/ml of Test P

Mass blend(450mg/ml) consists of:
225 mg/ml Tren E & 225 mg/ml of Test E

XXX blend(225mg/ml) consists of:
Mast P 75 mg/ml, Test P 75 mg/ml & Tren A 75 mg/ml