I am about to run a EQ and test cycle as a lean steady mass builder. In the past I have struggled with BP while on gear. I got a lot better the past few years at getting my BF down and also learning the correct ways to administer AI's to keep bloat and estrogen at bay. Last time did this cycle was 3 years ago. I am quite a bit leaner now. So I am hoping I will tolerate it better but just in case, besides aspirin and eating right which I already do now. What can I get from UGL's that I could use if it gets out of hand?

I am planning on 16 weeks of EQ at 800mg's a week along with test Cyp at 750 a week. I have been slowly leaning out the past few months I am sitting at right around 8%BF right now at 208 pounds and at 5'9". The goal would be for quality mass without taking the BF up past 12%. I will be eating at 750 above my normal maintenance the whole time.

So what can I get in chems that would act like an emergency BP med in case it goes out of control?