Four things you probably don't know about

We have some options available on our website that can go overlooked. We would like to use those words to explain them.

1.- Reward Points and VIP Customer

When logged in and you place plus pay for an order, you earn REWARD POINTS that can be redeemed in your next order. These add up to discounts that can reduce the price of your next purchase. Do not forget to login before placing your order. If you spend more than 600 USD in six months with us you also automatically become a VIP customer. It means we take notice of your loyality and you will be able to pay using bank transfer and you will earn more reward points per product purchased than a regular customer.

2.- 20% off Product Review Feature

After you have purchased and tested products from us they can be reviewed at Every week the most rated and reviewed product that week will be available at 20% off the following week.

3.- 200 USD Product Review Voucher

You can review and rate our products and service on any website you choose. If you do this send us an email with the link to your review at Randomly on the last day of each month we take one name and that customer will receive a 200 USD store voucher for TEXXGEARS.EU. How easy is that? 200 USD packs a punch to your cycle.

4.- All of our discounts and offers are made public using the three methods

a. They are being sent by email to our customers.
b. They are being advertised at on the front page in our pop-up advertisement space.
c. They are being posted at various boards and forums, including