I juiced oil based GP and got mean case of pips the next day, I made the mistake of forgetting to warm the oil and didn't massage too much =P (my fault). So is there anything I can do to speed up the recovery? its a bad case so I am thinking it will be sore for about 7 days but I got leg work in 3?

Hot cold water?
Icy hot, stretching, making the leg more active, resting the leg?

I got a compression bandage on it right now because walking to the kitchen my leg almost buckled, it feels okay with the warmth of the bandage? but when I stand to walk I am all gimpy and my leg is stiff as a board. Also getting into the car, walking up stairs, sitting on the toilet is a task in it self and putting on socks? UGG....

any advise on a fast recovery would be fantastic.