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HALOTESTIN Spectometry Results !!!

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    HALOTESTIN Spectometry Results !!!

    Hi guys!

    Here is a recent mass spec test result made on our Halotestin by one of our customers from another board.
    Results, purity over 92%.
    The average purity for an effective oral compound is 60-70%.


    "" These test results are being submitted for part of a review and also as a baseline to compare other halo if used personally in the future. . I wasn't expecting the results, but was pleasantly surprised and very impressed with the 92% purity and ~10mg dose. From what I've seen, tabs don't usually seem to test this well in terms of purity, although they can still be quite effective. As an example, I recall a test done on clomid from CVS that did not have a high purity value. There can be some variability with orals that can be due to different factors according to Beaker. I sure as hell don't know how to enumerate them. I'm digressing...The halo was being used to try to exceed a personal max PR on the deadlifts...which happened. It was intended for one time use. But honestly, if I could use this oral all the time I would. I love it! Unfortunately, the liver takes a bit of a beating. More on a later review.

    Disclosure - I didn't purchase these tabs, but were given to me to sample. However, this was a blind test. The only info given was that it was Halo dosed at 10mg. I will say, I'm impressed enough to consider the other orals now. This was a high quality compound I was given. ""
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