Gettin ready for my next run in a few months. I'm finally convinced that size is never going to look good on me due to my shape and characteristics. Cut seems to be the way for me to look my best. So with that in mind I was thinking about running a cycle like this.

Tren E 600mg week 1-6
Mast E 600mg week 1-6
Test E 250mg week 1-6

Drop Tren and mast and Increase test e to 750 for 2 weeks then start:

Eq 400mg week 12-24
Test E 750 week 12-24
Anadrol 75mg daily week 12-17

Decrease test to 250 weekly for 2 weeks then run the tren/mast/test cycle again for another 6 weeks for a 34 week cycle total Using AI arimidex for E2 control

PCT protocol per llewelyn anabolics 10th

Im 38 years old
186 lbs, 5'9"
12.3% BF (Hydrostatic dunk tank tested)
squat max 335
deadlift max 400
Bench max 285

My rational for this is to cut as much fat off as possible during the first six weeks then run the bulking cycle for size then cut again to harden and define what mass I built during the bulk.

Still on the fence about adding peptides