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Successful Completion!

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    Successful Completion!

    Well im officially done with my cycle from AMA I did test prop as kickstart with cyp then had cyp all the way through. This was a 12week cycle with no other stacks. I slacked quite a bit in my workouts and didnt get progression pics but I still had an awsome outcome thankfully. I think I have a before pic so ill have to post a before and after. I gained 20lbs and alot of strength and havnt lost much of anything sense I finished and got a good amount of muscle and little to no bloat im pretty lean and defined. Ill be starting PCT this Saturday with nolva and clomid and also regular vitamins , superfood, liver support, test force 2,and ON serious mass. I just want to thank everyone for their encouragement, advice, wisdom and instruction and also sherk and the rest of AMA for there awsome supplements and great service! Ill will definitely be a returning customer! I will be taking bloods halfway through PCT and also at the end to make sure everything is going well amd hopfully I can maybe start another cycle a little sooner than time on plus pct = time off protocol depending on the bloods. Thanks again everyone and good luck to all in there plans and success!
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