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Test/Tren Cutting Cycle Question

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    Test/Tren Cutting Cycle Question

    I need some more seasoned lifters to critique my diet for my current cutting cycle. Just started running 250mg test e and 400mg tren a. I will attach a picture of what my diet currently looks like. As far as my stats:

    215 lb
    ~16-17% bf

    The spreadsheet is pretty self-explanatory. Meal totals are in grey and are calculated with the quantity/servings column. Overall Totals for the day are at the bottom.

    My goal is to be close to 10% before the end of November while hanging on to as much muscle as possible. I have been training for 2 years consistantly and it's time for me to cut the fat I gained while I was in college. As I mentioned earlier, I need some advice with the diet...and no, this is not my first cycle (or second for that matter). All comments appreciated!
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