I have ordered from World Pharma multiple times. with all the orders that I have made from WP I figured at least one of them would eventual get nabbed, because I have had a package seized from almost all of the other international sources, but the thing is, I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ORDER SEIZED THAT I PLACED WITH WP. The way that things are packaged and sent is perfect, top notch service, so discreet, that's probably why I've never once had a problem with WP. I've never once had a problem with WP in any area. I'm not posting this because somebody asked me to or im getting something out of it, or for any other reasons then to let people know that if they are looking to get the best products on the market this is where to go. I could go on and on about the quality of the gear. the bottom line is that its amazing pharmaceutical gear that is always the same, that always looks the same, that always produces the absolute most amazing results with the least amount of side effects. This is the only gear that i did not get hardly no acne, unlike I have with other gear. that's probably because all of their products are top notch, so all of my on cycle anti estrogen, etc, meds Im taking with it to counteract the side effects are top notch also. I really don't post that many things but I have to put something out there about how amazing WPs quality level on everyone of the products ive ordered and used have just made a huge difference compared to all the other gear ive used in the past. I didn't think that their would be that much of a difference with WP pharmaceutical gear. so if there's anybody out there that's waiting to pull the trigger on Wps gear, PULL THE TRIGGER NOW. you will be completely amazed as I have been. I would order all of your gear thereand give a cycle of his gear and all the other goodies that go with it a go and notice the difference.