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    Info about our store, terms and conditions

    Here are some details about the store, ordering, payment, shipping, discounts, terms and conditions:

    As stated in the Introduction Sticky Basicstero is the direct store of the Pharmacom Labs company, which means there are no re-sellers in the chain.
    Please read the introduction sticky for more detail about our company, quality, and great products.

    The main page of our store is

    By default you enter the international section (warehouse) of our store.
    Generally, we have 3 sections/stores.

    Premium EU Worldwide Warehouse is meant for ALL customers across the entire world to enjoy premium service from our European based warehouse.
    If you place an order in this section, it will be shipped out from within one of the EU countries! We provide delivery guarantee and will reship your order for the second time free of charge if any seizure etc. occurs.
    Click HERE for more information about our Premium EU Warehouse!

    The USA Domestic Warehouse is meant for customers from the USA who want to get our products as soon as possible and without seizure risk.
    (At times there is limited stock ? please watch for posts and announcements regarding re-stock)

    Please note, if you are waiting for some items that are out of stock (such items will have a "notify" instead of a "buy" button), click on the "notify" button and enter your e-mail; when this item is restocked you will be immediately notified.

    The Old International warehouse (currently CLOSED to new orders) is meant for our customers worldwide. We can ship to any country of the world. If you place your order in this section, we ship your order directly from our production facility in Moldova; thus, you are guaranteed to get 100% authentic Pharmacom products at the best price. However, by shopping through Basicstero you are always guaranteed 100% authentic products from any of our sections!


    Terms and conditions can differ depending on which section of our store you place the order.
    Please read the "TERMS" and "FAQ" in the section of our store where you are going to place an order! However, there are common conditions as follows:

    1. Orders may only be processed through our store via the site checkout.

    2. Once you have placed an order, you will have 5 days to make a payment and submit the payment information into your account. If you fail to do so, your order will be automatically deleted after 5 days.

    3. When using WU or MG as payment option you should use your real name and ID information to be sure you will be able to withdraw your funds in case of any issues. Otherwise we take no responsibility for loss of your funds.

    4. After you placed an order you will receive an e-mail order confirmation, which will include your order number, specification of your order and order total as well as payment info.

    5. Order cancellations after the payment has been processed are not accepted. We do not refund funds for any reasons including but not restricted to the following cases:
    a) you paid for your order, but changed your mind
    b) your order has been seized.

    6. When you have received your package, you are obligated to take video of the unpacking process to be used as evidence in the event of any issue or dispute. Without this documentation we will not be liable for any complaints (missing or damaged items, etc.); this is because without proof we are not able to determine whether a complaint is legitimate or if, in an attempt to scam us, it was staged and did not occur until after the package was received.

    7. If you have received a parcel with damaged items, we will ONLY reship those specific damaged items (provided that you can provide evidence of the unpacking and the damaged items as described in term 6 above).

    8. In case of a seizure, orders to the USA are reshipped for the second time free of charge, if seizure or loss are obvious. If tracking number says - delivered, we shall not be liable for any losses, unless you have other trustworthy evidences of a seizure/loss (photo of seizure letter, etc.). Reshipping of a seized/lost package occurs no earlier than one month after the first package has been shipped, unless trustworthy evidences are provided earlier.

    9. In case of a seizure, orders placed in our international warehouse are reshipped only from the same warehouse. Reshipping from domestic warehouse is not possible.

    10. Orders to Australia, Canada and Europe placed in our international warehouse will be not reshipped in case of seizures! If you are from one of these regions we highly recommend you to choose a discreet shipping.

    11. If you haven`t claimed your package for some reason within the due time span and it is shipped back, we shall not be liable for any losses; Unclaimed packages are not reshipped.

    12. Please double check the information you submit to us. We shall not be liable for any misdelivery due to inaccurate information. If any wrong information or mistakes in receiver?s address are provided then the mistake is not our responsibility. We assure you that all necessary information in its entirety is accurately forwarded to the postal service.


    For now we accept (as of 08 MAY 2018):
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Dash, Ria, WU, and MG.

    Cyptocurrency is preferred and as such you get a discount in our international section when payment is made using an approved cryptocurrency (the discount will be automatically updated and visible in your cart when you select a currency for payment).
    For all other payment types (Western Union, MG, and RiaTransfers) we have a minimum limit of $300; If your order is below $300 you will not be able to choose from the WU, MG, or Ria payment options.

    UPDATE: news announcement from 08 Aug 2018

    Due to delayed transactions and increased number of rejected "on hold" transfers we have to stop MG transfers for a while.
    Western Union is available for payments, but to avoid issues mentioned above we limited the min. order for Western Union to $300. This condition is coming into force for all warehouses.
    Please use bitcoin or other accepted crypto for smooth and fast order processing!


    We often provide discounts of different types, so follow our threads and announcements to get all news! I will create a thread and publish there all news, incl. current promos, etc.!

    1. Independent of which section of our store you place an order you get 5% discount for orders over 500$ (excl. shipping cost) (or 500 EURO for the EU domestic section) and 10% off + free shipping for orders over 1000$ (excl. delivery) (or 1000 EURO for the EU domestic section)!

    2. If you pay with bitcoins (or some other cryptocurrencies) you get 10% off in our international section and 5% off in our EU domestic section.

    3. We provide up to 15% discount for all professional and competing athletes and for all military! However, we will ask you to provide to our mail evidence if you claim to get this type of a discount!

    4. We provide many discounts including lifetime discounts for our devoted and constant customers (attached to the customer?s account in our stores -- each section is independent)!

    All our customers can get the following discounts:

    Discounts for US domestic warehouse:
    1.) 5% bitcoin discount (applied only if you pay with any cryptocurrency)
    2.) 5% lifetime after 10 completed orders
    3.) 10% lifetime after 20 completed orders
    4.) 5% for orders over $500 (before shipping)
    5.) 10% for orders over $1000
    6.) up to 15% for competing athletes and militaries
    7.) Referrals system - you get 5% store credit of all orders placed by all of your referrals. Personal referral link should be used. Its available for each customer in personal account - dashboard - referrals.
    ***Discounts can sum up to a maximum 15% limit.

    Discounts for International warehouse:
    1.) 5% bitcoin discount (applied only if you pay with any cryptocurrency)
    2.) 5% lifetime after 5 completed orders
    3.) 10% lifetime after 10 completed orders
    4.) 15% lifetime after 15 completed orders
    5.) 5% for orders over $500 (before shipping)
    6.) 10% for orders over $1000
    7.) up to 15% for competing athletes and militaries
    8.) Referrals system - you get 5% store credit of all orders placed by all of your referrals. Personal referral link should be used. Its available for each customer in personal account - dashboard - referrals.
    ***Discounts can sum up to a maximum 15% limit.

    5. We have a referrals system.

    To participate in our affiliate system you need only to invite new customers by using your personal reference link, which you find in your account >> dashboard >> referrals.
    Send this link to your friends/colleagues, etc. After a new customer signs up he will be your referral!
    For each order made by each of your referrals you get a reward equal to 5% of the order total of your referral. Your reward will be transferred to your account only after your referral`s order is paid and shipped!

    There are no limits here! You can invite as many referrals as you want.
    Here is an example: if you invited 3 persons.
    Person 1 placed an order worth 300$. Your reward would be 300 * 5% = 15$
    Person 2 placed an order worth 150$. Your reward would be 7.5$
    Person 3 placed an order worth 800$. Your reward would be 40$.
    Your total profit for all 3 referrals would be 15+7.5+40=62.5$

    If these referrals place same orders after say 2 weeks, you will 62.5$ again on your account!
    With enough referral you may not have to pay for gear at all! Make our store work for you!

    Please read the "TERMS" and "FAQ" sections on the Basicstero website for more details.
    Also, please be sure to follow the "NEWS"
    section on the Basicstero site for any updates to these terms, news, promos, and other important announcements.
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