J'Bo Strikes! Donuts disappear!

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    J'Bo Strikes! Donuts disappear!

    Found this news item and couldn't resist:

    Detroit police arrest two men suspected of stealing a doughnut delivery truck Monday morning, but the truck and the doughnuts are nowhere to be found, Local 4 reported.

    Police Search For Truck In Krispy Kreme Heist

    Police say a Krispy Kreme truck was stolen during a delivery outside a Marathon gas station in Plymouth.

    The driver heard a noise coming from the truck's trailer, and when he jumped in back to investigate, the vehicle apparently started to move, Local 4 reported.

    The driver jumped out of the trailer, but the truck carrying 1,800 doughnuts and some equipment kept on moving.

    Police say the driver was not injured in the incident.

    Two hours later, the thieves called a Krispy Kreme manager on the company's Nextel phone and said if they wanted the truck back, they would have to hand over $100, Local 4 reported.

    "Apparently someone had called us on our Nextel phone to let us know they had our truck and they were holding it for ransom," said Michael Sharum, of the Krispy Kreme company. "Luckily a quick-thinking manager here at our facility got the 6th District police department on the phone in Detroit."

    Officers say they found one suspect at Warren and Southfield roads in Detroit, holding a bag of doughnuts. The other suspect was found carrying the company's Nextel phone.

    The truck, however, was nowhere to be found.

    Anyone with information on the truck's whereabouts has been asked to contact the Detroit Police Department.

    Only $100? I think those donuts are priceless!
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    opps...i geuss i should have been a little smarter i will get away with it next time.

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    hahaha that is pretty funny stuff.

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