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    My 16 year old nephew, has brought into consideration about taking the new Mag-10 capsules, and what i read they are stronger than the liquid, he says nothing will change his mind, what supplements apart from the Mag-10 capsules should he take so he can be alright and his privates not to shrink? Please help? any ideas? What supplement is a good post cycle?

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    A 16 year has NO business taking Mag-10.

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    anything made by biotest - realise your picking up 50% of the marketing cost - the stuff is way too expensive. there are other products as similar at half the price.

    but mag 10 and other pro hormones shouldnt be used by a 16 year old, buy him some v12 or creatine, or if anything at all.

    The best thing a caring parent who wants to support their boy in building muscle just has to feed him - lots and lots and lots and then some.

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    Any good PH or pro-steriod will suppress natural test levels and thus it will shrink the testes temporarily. You need a good post cycle to raise natural test levels up quickly. Like the others said, no one under 21 should take PH's due to possible growth plate closure and endocrine system damage. I would let his parents know!

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    hey thanx, i didnt want my brother to know because of his bond with me but i will tell him

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