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Thread: Cycle plan

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    Cycle plan

    here is what i plan on Running

    In Nov
    Weeks 1-5 50 mg/d D of Dbol
    Weeks 1-10 500 mg/ w Test E
    Weeks 1-10 400 mg/w EQ.

    Take some time off then hit this

    Weeks 1-4 100 mg/d of Drol
    Weeks1-10 750mg/w Test E
    Weeks 10-20 100 mg/d Fina
    Weeks 10-20 100 mg/d Test Prop
    Weeks 15-20 50 mg/d Winny.

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    Damn bro, that's a cycle!!! What about post-cycle or recovery??? Any anti-E's in there anywhere? Good luck, eat well, sleep, and lift like a MADMAN!!

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    I usually use nolva if i start getting gyno. Post cycle i take HCG, clomid, and nolva. I am not a big fan of arimidex due to the fact that it has no effect on gyno. Also i am not a big fan of deca either. IMO deca is a wasted roid. EQ is just as anabolic, increases vascularity and does not make you look like a pillsbury dough boy and dont make you limp either.

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    Dex also plays with your cholesterol levels, but post cycle I have eventually come believe in exactly what you are doing, HCG/Nolva/Clomid.

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    Yes you not a big fan of arimidex i would get femara but nolva imo is still better to help with water and gyno. Only benefit of anti aramotase i see is when running HCG and decrease of SHBG. SHBG decreases free test levels. SHBG can also be decreases substantially by either injecting or spiking insulin in the morning.
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