At the request of our customers ,we will extend the"Christmas gifts" to 31, January 2016.
May Christmas gifts bring you good luck in the new year !

Dear friend ,
Merry Christmas and family happiness !!! "Legend" has prepared best Christmas gifts for you!

1)Order more then 260$ free samples 1*(TEST Cyp 250,PROVIRON)
2)More then 460$ free samples 2*(TEST En,PROVIRON)
3)More then 660$ free samples 2*(SUSTANON,DIANABOL,ANAVAR)
4)More then 860$ free samples 3*(Tren Ace, CUT STACK,PROVIRON)
5)More then 1260$ free samples 4*(TEST En , Tren En , ANAVAR)
6)More then 1760$ free samples 5*(Tren Ace, SUSTANON, ANAVAR)

During Christmas period,all the orders without discount , just free samples .

we will as always to provide high quality of products and good service to our customers .The valid date will end by 31, January 2016,hoping everybody not missing the opportunity !!!

Good luck Legend -- Anton