Would using Rebirth and an OTC AI like Inhibit-E but a good idea? I can't afford to pay a place like defymedical and I can't find a doctor that will prescribe clomid and/or an AI. My test levels are in the low to mid 300 range, but since that range is considered "normal", no doctor wants to help. So, I came up with the idea of using Rebirth and Inhibit-E(If I need it) and pay for only lab slips, the one that cost $67 and get my blood tested about every three months. I'm waiting on my blood work to come back. My doctor was nice enough to give me a slip for basically a full hormone panel, minus a few things such as cortisol and DHEA. I have all the symptoms of Low T except my libido is quite high. I started a new thread, as to not derail my other "Does anyone know a good TRT doctor in Baltimore" Thread. I did this, because well this is a related yet different topic. My goal is to get my T levels into the mid 600s or above.