NSX-6: Psychostimulant Nootropic Performance Enhancer

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    Arrow NSX-6: Psychostimulant Nootropic Performance Enhancer

    NSX-6: Psychostimulant Nootropic Performance Enhancer

    NSX-6 at a Glance....

    * Improves Both Mental and Physical Performance
    * Increases Energy Levels and Alertness
    * Dramatically Improves Cognitive Function
    * Boosts Motivation and Drive
    * Promotes an Overall Sense of Well-Being
    * Enhances the Sensory Experience; Magnifies Visual, Tactile, and Auditory Acuity

    An Alternative to Traditional CNS Stimulants

    Unique to the world of performance enhancement, NSX-6 does not conform to any pre-existing category of sports nutrition, but bridges the gap between multiple areas of supplementation at once. Best described as an alternative to traditional nervous system stimulants, NSX-6 is not meant to replace this popular class of products, but to serve as a substitute/adjunct when side effects make their use undesirable.

    As with most things in life, there is both a time and place for extreme nervous system stimulation, but what about at other times, when circumstances demand another option? For example, how many of you have found yourself training late at night and unable to take a dose of your favorite pre-workout product because you knew it would interfere with your ability to sleep? If you're anything like me, this happens quite a bit. In other cases, you may want to avoid the post-use crash, anxiety, or jitters that typically accompany drugs of this sort. Perhaps you've been using CNS stimulants regularly for months and need a break (note: the chronic use of CNS stimulants causes many unwanted side effects in bodybuilders, such as adrenal fatigue, elevated cortisol levels, and dopaminergic system dysfunction leading to withdrawal/dependence). Or, maybe you just don't feel like getting wired, but still want to perform to the best of your ability--both inside and outside of the gym.

    Although these are all useful applications, NSX-6 wasn't created solely for the gym. In fact, it was designed specifically with versatility in mind, so that it could be used anytime, anywhere, regardless of the circumstances. Unlike traditional stimulant-based products, NSX-6 lends itself well to not only physically-oriented activities, but mental undertakings as well. This means you can sit down and focus on a task without feeling like you want to jump out of your chair. This is the true beauty of NSX-6--its ability to provide stimulating effects without forcing unwanted hyperactivity. Instead, it puts the user in the driver's seat, allowing one to engage in both physical and mental tasks with equal proficiency. This is due to the physiologically distinct and varied mechanisms through which NSX-6 operates, making it wholly different from traditional nervous system stimulants in both function and effect.

    Although many chose to use NSX-6 alone, it can also be used as a stacker with your favorite pre-workout...or even just a cup of coffee if that is your preference. This provides the user with an additional boost in focus, intensity, and drive, but without an increase in CNS related side effects. Some others find that NSX-6 allows them to cut down on their stimulant dose (thereby reducing unwanted side effects) while further improving their performance. Despite its ability to function in this capacity, it would be a mistake to view NSX-6 as nothing more than a potentiator of traditional stimulants. The reality is that NSX-6 contains a number of highly unique (and costly) compounds which positively impact both mental and physical performance in ways that traditional stimulants just can't mimic.

    As an added benefit, many claim that NSX-6 helps to take the edge off these harsh, stimulant-based products, making the entire experience more enjoyable. This is accomplished by blunting the negative effects that traditional stimulants have on the central nervous system, thereby decreasing/eliminating anxiety, the jitters, etc. Regardless, NSX-6 provides us with an interesting and unique take on a category of supplementation typically dominated by stim-heavy products. What you decide to do with it is up to you.

    What NSX-6 Doesn't Do!

    In many cases, what a product doesn't do is just as important as what it does do. Nowhere is this truer than with stimulant-based products--both traditional and non-traditional alike. Below you will find a list of side effects normally attributed to traditional CNS stimulants, which occur, to varying degrees, in everyone who uses them...even after just one dose!

    Vasoconstriction: Vasoconstriction is when the blood vessels become narrowed, or constricted. This has a multitude of negative effects on the body, particularly for bodybuilders. When blood vessels are in a constricted state, blood flow to the brain, digestive system, and muscles is diminished, leading to reduced muscle pumps, impaired nutrient delivery, decreased muscle volumization, and ultimately, a reduced rate of muscle growth. Vasoconstriction also has deleterious effects on the cardiovascular system, including elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, and heightened cardiac output. This is an especially concerning side effect for the PED using bodybuilder, as many are already exposed to significant cardiovascular stress, placing them at even greater risk for heart attack, stroke, and kidney damage.

    Increased Cortisol Levels: As the most catabolic (muscle destroying) hormone in the body, an increase in cortisol levels results in accelerated protein breakdown, the inhibition of amino acid uptake, reduced insulin signaling, and a decreased conversion rate of T4 to T3. Any way you slice it, this is bad news for those looking to build muscle or lose fat.

    Adrenal Fatigue: A condition wherein the adrenal glands become incapable of producing normal quantities of the necessary adrenal hormones (epinephrine, norepinephrine, glucocorticoids, DHEA, etc). External symptoms (which are often masked by the use of CNS stimulants) often include depression, irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and a low tolerance for stress. In more serious cases, hospitalization can be required.

    Neurotoxicity: Dopaminergic system damage, which occurs when the brain's ability to normalize synaptic concentrations of dopamine is inhibited, leads to a plethora of physical, emotional, psychological, and mental side effects, including: depression, irritability, fatigue, lack of motivation, inability to derive pleasure from daily activities, cognitive decline, and many others. Depending on the degree of damage present, this side effect can be quite serious, taking many months (or even years) before normal functioning is restored.

    Appetite Suppression: Appetite suppression can make it difficult for bodybuilders to meet their demanding caloric requirements, impairing their ability to recover and grow.

    Post-Use Crash: Although not physically injurious like the previously mentioned side effects, no one likes to go from feeling good to feeling like garbage over the course of a few hours.

    Jitters and Anxiety: Sadly, these two side effects have been occurring with greater frequency in recent years, mostly due to the inclusion of large dosages of low quality CNS stimulants (e.g. DMAA) in many pre-workout products.

    Insomnia: As one of the three foundational pillars of bodybuilding success (training and nutrition being the other two), failing to get enough quality sleep each night can have a profoundly negative impact on the body's ability to recover and grow via increased cortisol production, impaired immune response, hormonal deregulation, insulin resistance, and of course, a reduced rate of cellular repair.

    NSX-6 Additional Benefits...

    * Reduces the Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Mental and Physical Performance
    * Helps Restore Dopaminergic Function in Stimulant-Dependent/Abusive Individuals
    * Acts as Both a Potent Neuroprotective and Neurorestorative Agent
    * Excellent for students and those engaged in intensive intellectual pursuits (exams, cramming sessions, project design, lectures, etc)

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