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Kratom Alternative? Legal Full-Opiate Agonist?

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    Kratom Alternative? Legal Full-Opiate Agonist?

    A Legal Full-Opiate Agonist?

    As you guys know, kratom has exploded in popularity over the last few years (particularly in this community) for one main reason--because it is fun to use. Well, there is now another compound on the market with similar activity, but unlike kratom, which acts as partial-opiate agonist, this stuff is classified as a "full" opiate agonist. This is because it attaches to the opioid receptor in the same way that drugs like Vicodin, Oxycodone, and morphine do, but without the sedation or decreased psychomotor activity typically associated with those drugs!

    I am referring to tianeptine, the ONLY legally available full-opiate agonist in the U.S. However, tianeptine is currently a controlled substance in many European and Asian countries, where this prescription drug is much more well known. Due to its relatively unknown status in the U.S, it has thus far escaped scheduling, but this won't last long, as the government has a strong propensity for scheduling ALL full-opiate agonists as soon as people start to become aware of them.

    Dopamine Enhancement?

    Full-opiate agonists provide extremely powerful effects when used as solo agents, but what about when they are combined with dopamine elevating drugs? This is the general idea behind a "speed-ball" (e.g. heroin-cocaine combination). As those who have used this combination know, nothing provides a more intense and pleasurable experience...NOTHING!

    The Alternative?

    Unfortunately, drugs such as heroin and cocaine can be potentially harmful, leading to multiple organ toxicity and providing virtually zero health or performance benefits. But...what if there was a combination of compounds--comprised of both full-opiate agonists and dopamine elevating agents--that have been clinically studied for over 50 years with a strong track record of safety? Better yet, what if these compounds also supplied numerous health and performance enhancing benefits while simultaneously providing a pleasurable experience similar to illicit rec. drugs?

    Up recently, only kratom could make this claim, but now there is another option. See below to find out more.

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