Hi every guy

Our new website is working now.
Our new website: http://www.ironlion-lab.net/

We carrying a sales promo on puretropin----hgh to congratulate our website working.
Order 3 kits to get free 2 kits ---------------(pay 3x200$=600$ to get 3+2=5kits)
B.)Payment:Bitcoin/western union/moneygram
C.)Shipment: Free shipment.
D.)Reship policy: we carry reship policy.
If your order is lost or seized by customs you will get 100% free reship with proof. Proof is the seizure letter you received. You will need a new address also. We will not reship to the same address that a previous package was seized from.
E.) Contact Email: ironlion@securenym.net
F.)Wickr name: ironlionlabs
G.)Time: It will end on July 28

At the same time, we posted our kg offer price of raws . You can go to check it ,maybe you are interested in them.