Ok guys here is some info for clarification!!


3 pumps of androshred is equal to 1mL. 1mL is equal to 100mgs of the 7 keto + additional ingredients are extra-

Androshred the most common dosages I have used in the past, are 3-400mgs per day. Remember though that is in oral. Oral is only getting what, 5% absorption. This might get up to 30%. Imagine that difference.

So I am suggesting 300-400mgs per day on the Androshred and that is the higher end.

I am using the androshred right now and I am doing 6 pumps in that am (2mL or 200mgs) and then the same thing mid afternoon.

You can absolutely dose it lower. But I want optimal results so I am going high.

**ALSO** there is nothing to say u can't dose the AndroShred higher, at 400+. I just have not seen that ever before so I can't give honest feedback.

So lets say on the androshred, you are doing 400mgs, or 4mL per day. That bottle is going to last you (236 divided by 4) almost 2 months.

You will see improvement in metabolism, fat burning, improvements in energy and mood.


3 pumps of both androhard a is equal to 1mL. 1mL is equal to is equal to 100mgs of epiandro and randro combined.

On the androhard, you want to dose it 300-600mgs per day. In 2 even dosages. First thing in the am, and either mid afternoon or before bed. Your preference.

The Androhard..honestly from about 50% of the clients I talk to, anything above 400mgs per day of androhard and they get pissed off.

On the Androhard expect to see lean muscle gains, superb vascularity, muscle hardening and revealing of muscle. Mood increases and libido increases. Strengh improvements and aggression increases.

These bottles are 8 ounce bottles. 8 ounces = 236mL. This means you have 236 total servings.

Really this product is beyond fairly priced when you consider that.

Where do I apply this?

We know from studies that the most optimal place to applly transdermal anabolics like Testosterone gels is as follows:

#1- Testicles are the highest rate of absorption (most people don't wanna later these up...so moving on...

#2- Shoulders, upper chest and arms (upper biceps) is the next most common

#3- Lower Abdominals


When you apply, rub in very well. Try and use only 2 fingers, because if you use your entire hand you are going to get alot of these gels on your hands and waste it.

I personally apply 6 pumps to one area..Rub it in somewhat well and then I allow it to air dry for 5 minutes.

Can I mix these?

Yes you can mix them and apply them together in the same areas.

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