buy one to get one free ----Crazy big sales to welcome christmas day

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    buy one to get one free ----Crazy big sales to welcome christmas day

    Hi everybody,
    Christmas Day is coming,
    In order to welcome Christmas, We do a big sales.HGH, IGF-1LR-3,Domestic line and HCG,
    One year one time.

    1.)HGH: Puretropin(10iu/vial)

    Order 1 to get 1 free
    (the base line is 4kits, you can order 4kits to get 4 free kit(pay 800$ to get 8kits, you can order 5kits to get 5 free kits(pay 1000$ to get 10kits, and so on )
    Special Notice: if your order is below 4 kits, we offer order 2 to get 1(pay 400$ to get 3 kits)

    2)IGF-1 lr3(1mg/vial)
    Order 2 kit to get 1 free kit (pay 498x2=996 to get 3 kits IGF-1LR3)

    3) IGF-1 lr3(0.1mg/vial)
    Order 2 kit to get 1 free kit (pay 240x2=480 to get 3 kits IGF-1LR3)

    Order 3 kit to get 1 free kit (pay 210x3=630 to get 4 kits IGF-1LR3)

    5)Domestic line
    We offer 10% off the total amount(inclue the amount and shipping fee 10$)
    Specials, regarding New line, we just accept bitcoin

    If the amount of order is 500$ or 500$+ we offer 20% off.

    E.) Contact information:


    2.)Wickr: ironlionlabs

    3.)Wire: ironlionlabs


    F.)Time: It will end on Dec 31).

    Important notice: when you place your order, if you do not complete your end of the transaction within 48hours, we will cancel the order . So don't order until you are ready on your end.
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    Our website:
    Contact us:
    Supplying Best Quality HGH & Raws and Best Service

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