First we want to say we are excited to be here at IronMag !

The most important item to many, as we are new here, SALE !

10% off your cart order to IronMag readers, Just use the code AIPCT10 at check out to get 10% off until the end of May as we are new here.

Let us introduce ourselves, my name is Jacob and I am the General Manager at We are a supplier of over 1,500 pharmacy items, we have been operating pharmacy for many years but we have operated this web site going on over two years now specific for the fitness community. We were very active on a forum that was shut down a few months ago. We have serviced over 25,000 unique customers in our two years so we are NOT new to supplying the fitness community but we could be new to a lot of you.

Top sellers in our shop are the ED meds (cialis / viagra), Raloxifene (Ralista), Exemestane (Xtane), Nolvadex, Clomid, and of course Isotroin for the cases of acne. But as said we have over 1,500 products such as HMG, HCG, and more. Please take a look:

You can download a list of our products from a while ago on pastebin so you can sort and surf them easier then our site if you like. That link is here: Product List Feb 217 -

(please notice this was listed over a year ago so it should give you some assuranced we are not a new vendor with no track record, we have a good reputation other places, just new here at BOP, and we are going to have a download item on our site shortly)

WE are updating our site / photos / and operations so bear with us we continually work to do upgrades and we have a lot of improvements we can do just need time and patience. But we are not going anywhere and we've been servicing the Fitness Community for years already.

SALE: As we are just new here, we will offer 10% discount on cart products to Ironmag readers, just use the code: AIPCT10 valid until May 31. Sign up for our newsletter to get all current announcements also.

You can sign up here:

Housekeeping items, trying to get as much info and answer as many questions that normally come up:

1) When you place your order if paying Bitcoin it is processed automatically by a payment gateway. If you want to pay with Alternate Gift Card Payment or Echeck we will currently need to review your order BEFORE we send you payment information. Please do not stress we will reply to your order. If you prefer to use ETH or LTC or DASH we can do that also just use Alt Pmt option at check out and we will email you the wallets.

2) Time frame, we are overseas and based in India so your day is our night. If you order in your day time we could be sleeping so please do not stress we will reply to all emails just patience.

3) Location, as stated above we do ship from India. ALL of our products are made in verified labs and companies like Cipla, Intas, and more. Our product page should list out the manufacturer or every item we sell. Nothing is home brewed, nothing is made from untested raw material put into a capsule and sold out.

4) WE do NOT sell steroids like Testosterone or such. We do NOT sell adderall or valium or xanax. WE know no one who can ship that legally.

5) We suggest always to ship EMS with tracking, if you use airmail and your package does not arrive, we can not assist. We WANT you to get your goods, please do not run the risk of saving a few dollars for untracked pacakges.

6) Shipping time frame: Using EMS most orders arive world wide in 1-2 weeks.

7) Packaging: We ship discretely No one will know what is in the box from looking at it from the outside.

8) We ship legally and declare and we do NOT stealth any item. We decalre as personal health items. Please do not stress your box won?t come announcing what all is in side.

9) We currently take BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH and we do take some gift cards. Gift cards can be from various stores but we will be phasing that out shortly as we are taking E checks for our USA clients. There is a surcharge for gift cards as we do need to turn around and sell them to get cash to pay for your orders. Currently that is 5% but going up to 8% soon. And there is a charge for echecks as the PSP (payment service provider) charges to process the echecks.

EChecks are a 10% fee over 100 USD order, 10 USD for orders under 100 USD and Echeck orders MUST use EMS shipping due to that having tracking.

10) We do NOT take paypal, stripe or credit cards. Our products are against the TOS of those forms of payments.

11) You can reach us at our site

12) Emails: Best email is but we can use If there is any issue in reaching us (again we are overseas there is no need for 5 emails all in a row) please contact us through our site or PM or similar. But give us time to reply to your first message. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM folder also. Our emails could be there.

13) If a shipment is held for any reason (to AUS, UK, USA, Taiwan, Japan, and more) we will reship if you send us a seizure letter. RARELY do we encounter this. It is usually some other reason items are held like too large a qty or similar.

14) If you use EMS shipping and the item does not arrive, gets lost for example, we will reship if the tracking does not update in 30 days. Meaning if tracking shows it arrived NYC postal center and then no updates for 30 days, we will reship. There are more times then we care to admit that the USPS has lost bags of mail. But again if you use airmail, there is no assistance we can provide as we can?t show you did or did not get the package.

15) EMS is signature on delivery, when people request we do mark packages SIGNATURE WAIVED at request of client. However this is up to the postal carrier to honor that request or not.

16) Customs, yes the US customs has the right to inspect every package or letter that comes into their country. Please do not ask us to make them do their job faster. If we could we would always but we are powerless when it comes to the US Federal Govt.

17) We do have an affiliate program for referrals so check that out on our site also.

Items coming up: We are working to streamline our payment options, and get a more automated order update system where you get auto emails on your order tracking code. Currently we ask clients to email to us for their tracking codes. We will be having a newsletter and more. So our site is not finished, we know we have room to improve and my team and I work daily to improve.

Items we do not carry: There are items we do not carry such as DNP, Modafinil, Etizolam, Tramadol, gel testosterone, and more that we do not carry; however we know of vendors to do. So just ask and we can adivse for those. STRANGELY we also do have a pet pharma line of medicines but sadly no Fina Pellets guys so don't ask.