Charged with boosting health supplements, ex-FDA and current natural products executive has long history of harassment and discrimination complaints

Dr. Daniel Fabricant used FDA and non-profit lawyers to fend off lawsuits with settlements and countersuits ? including one against his own board

Written by Anthony Roberts | Edited by Michael Morisy | May 9, 2018

In Dr. Daniel Fabricant?s role as the chief executive of the dietary supplement lobbying group the Natural Products Association, he?s been tapped to testify before the Senate, help federal agencies craft policy, and is often spotted with key lawmakers.

Fabricant was even hailed by Time magazine as The King of Natural Food and tapped to be a member of then-candidate Donald J. Trump?s Second Amendment Coalition.

But complaints and lawsuits at the organizations he?s led, including the NPA and the Food and Drug Administration?s Division of Dietary Supplement Programs, document years of employee complaints for abusive, harassing, or dangerous behavior.

These allegations range from sexual harassment, to bullying, to age and disability discrimination, to outings at strip clubs funded with a non-profit?s corporate card (which was reimbursed after questions were raised). The lawsuits are backed respectively by various forms of documentation ranging from a formal equal opportunity complaint, to third-party employee testimony, to executive-composed tallies of settlements and employee turnover.

In defending lawsuits brought by former employees, NPA has successfully relied on the mandatory arbitration clause found on pages 27-30 of their employee handbook, which specifically states that arbitration must be the sole remedy for work-related disputes, including sexual harassment and discrimination.

Nonetheless, in 2016, according to tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service, NPA recorded legal expenditures of $1,086,901 while lobbying expenses were listed at $401,211.

Yet he remains the chief executive officer of the largest dietary supplement lobbying group in the nation, the NPA, and treasurer of its Political Action Committee, the Natural Products Association Political Action Committee.