... Trump Has 15 Million Fake Twitter Followers ...

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    ... Trump Has 15 Million Fake Twitter Followers ...

    He often denounces "fake news" but it appears that on Twitter, President Donald Trump has a lot of fake followers.

    A survey has shown that of the "tweeter-in-chief's" more than 52 million followers, over a quarter are not real people.

    Some 29 percent, or around 15 million, are fake accounts, according to a survey by
    , and his following of real people is closer to 37 million.

    By comparison, Trump's predecessor Barack Obama has 15 percent fake users among his 103 million followers.

    While Trump has boasted that social media allows him to get an honest and unfiltered message out, only 8 percent of Americans read his tweets directly from Twitter.

    Trump once said that posting on Twitter is like owning your own newspaper but without the losses. However, it has emerged that his artless style on the social media platform could be intentional, with the help of staff.

    West Wing insiders who draft proposed tweets said they deliberately use suspect grammar and syntax to mimic their boss's style.
    The Atlantic

    If a White House employee wants Trump to tweet about a topic, the official will send three or four sample tweets to the president who will pick his favorite. They may use poor grammar but they would not misspell words or names on purpose.

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    Fuck it.. why not hijack this thread.. Everyone will come here to read Charley's ridiculousness..

    So here goes..

    Oddly enough, I can't remember.. what was Charley like, before this sad version we're all now accustomed to.

    Does anyone remember Charley way before this past election.?? Was he different ??

    Was Charley ever helpful ?? And I mean to anyone here, regardless of politics, race, creed, religion.. etc.

    ... And definitely before he became completely obsessed with the downfall of this country, our president, and reverse racism...

    I would love to hear any from members that have had such positive experiences with Charley.. Please post here.. or start a new thread.

    I still think there's a good person trapped in Charley's body .... Maybe if we all get together.. and remind Charley of all those good things he's done.. We can win his good self back.. and bury this argumentative negative version he is now.

    Specifically, has Charley ever helped in areas regarding Health, Fitness, BB'ing, sponsors/advertisers, and/or Anabolics?? ... If no.. then any area that he has helped..

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