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    Introducing OSGEAR

    OSGEAR is pleased to announce the opening of their page here at IRONMAG.

    One of the most important aspects of business is to keep your customers happy, and we at OSGEAR have perfected it! As some of you may already know us, we?ve been in this business for over a decade with a very wide reputation ranging from Discrete Shipping, Top Selling Brands, Best Customer Service and all sorts of other things we offer that we will go into details below.

    For Starters, let me introduce myself. My name is ANDY also known as VB9. I will be your direct contact for OSGEAR here on this forum in case you are in need of any further assistance in special promos that we are going to be running for IRONMAG customers, or whether any additional direct support including cycle advises, blood test result, or any general support or questions. We are going to create some sticky notes and FAQ that could help you with lots of those questions in order for us to allocate that time other helping customers with orders and focus on processing orders on getting them out of the door headed your way.


    The first thing that people usually discuss is Quality. At OSGEAR we only carry TOP SELLING BRANDS that have been lab tested and some of you are already familiar with. Ranging pharma grade brand names such as Pfizer and Lilly, to respectable AAS brands such as Dragon Pharma, Para Pharma, Pharmacom, Alpha Pharma, Kalpa Pharma, Singani Labs and so on, all the way to generic tabs as well.

    In short, if you had a better experience with a lab over the other, we carry it all. A true one stop shop from Injectables, ancillaries, pharmacy, ED, HGH, all the way to Syringes and Needles including BOTOX!!


    The most exciting part for lots of you other than receiving your package and feeling like a Christmas morning is? competitive pricing without sacrificing on quality or customer service.

    Despite us carrying top brands from a very competitive price, we also offer incentives and discounts for our customers in order to save even more!

    We will begin with PRICE MATCHING on ANY Brand name we carry. Simply place an order with us while submitting a link of the competitions price, we will MATCH it in addition of giving you an additional 10% OFF your existing order (Excluding Bulk Orders, and Shipping) - Or you can choose 13% OFF credited towards your next order.
    In addition to Price Matching, now we will be offering Progress Report Rewards that will range from $50 to $100, In which it will include your honest review of our products, what you purchased, and Progress pictures of your physique BEFORE and AFTER.
    Please Contact me for further information on BULK discounts.


    No minimum Order is required. Hence we always recommend new customers to purchase a trial order with us in order to verify our legitimacy and products quality.

    Payment Methods:

    We accept all kind of payment methods ranging from Bank Wire Transfer, to MG/WU, all the way to Crypto-Currency. More details on OSGEAR.WS

    Shipping, ETA, & Domestic:

    At OSGEAR we offer worldwide shipping with no exceptions. In addition to reshipping policy to the US and certain EU countries as well in which yields us to almost 100% Delivery success rate. The packaging is as discrete as possible, as for shipping its up to the shipping option you choose, whetherRegular airmail (2-3 weeks) or EMS express (10-12 days).

    In addition to international shipping, we offer Domestic Shipping to Certain EU countries, and also US Domestic on certain products that currently we are restocking. Please note that all the info that you seek are on our website OSGEAR.WS
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    Any webpage or price list?

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