Unfortunately Ralista failed their final round of testing, so no stock of ralista.

This is the third failed testing. Everyone is out of stock and there is no alternatives. I just got done writting to everyone who had pre ordered it (they got offered a few options and a discount on future ordres).

So... basically if Cipla can't get raloxifene to pass quality control I am wondering what is going on with the raws out there. Cipla is a huge billion dollar company I am at a loss of words. I can understand one fail but jesus this is out of control.

We are working to set up a Europe shipping area, and we will have another raloxifene but it is much higher priced. We were planning on only offering like cabaser and Tiromel or such as these have to ship from Europe and can't combine with Indian items, but we are will look at adding more and more and try to get raloxifene as a back up source from there for other options.

Give me a week or such let me try to jump start this europe area but the new estimate is June 15 from Cipla for product however looking at what is going on I am more comfortable with end of this month. So I'll post up any updates about Europe optios for some products as soon as I can.

Everyone is out, it is not that we don't want to have it, no one has it and can get it, atleast the items that pass testing, we won't be shipping any non certified product.