Pinning - Tips and Tricks

Alcohol swabs clean anything pin is going to touch, vial, inject site

Personally i draw entire 10ml Vial into 10 ml syringe and Backload Slin Pins - I haven't found anything that won't pass thru a 29G

If pin touches any surface other then the cleaned injection site it goes in the bin and start over

Ill reuse Slin Pins - Only same day immediately after inject

For exeample im on 800mg Tren A inj EW
250mg Test E EW
100mg ED Tren Base Pre WO

So on a Wednesday when i take my 250 Test E, Ill reload that pin and shoot 115 mg Tren A and then 100mg Tren Base - Pins are back loaded so not blunt at all and easily and painlessly pin small muscles like biceps,triceps,quads Im a believer of pinning muscle trained (that's another story)

Currently Im Back Load a weeks worth of Tren Ace - 7 pins @ 115 mg ED and reuse as per above

Locked and Loaded - 7 Slin Pins 800mg Tren A