Left wing police strike again.. Twitter CEO shamed ...

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    hahah.. Bathhouse barry.. I love that nickname.. and I know why he has it.. He was everyone favorite towel boy..

    And he got a nobel piece prize only a few months into his presidency didn't he?? Yeah.. 2009 .. LOL. And he did nothing except fuck our country over every chance he had..

    So he get a nobel for "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".

    That means muslims in the middle east.. certainly not his own people. He did the opposite. His whole presidency was a fallacy.. Someone else was telling him what to do, the whole time.

    The best "teleprompter president" of our time.. that is until the teleprompter would fail.. then he became a babbling idiot.. or his natural self!

    Quote Originally Posted by Anabolik2k View Post
    Charley bring s Trump into it.

    Fucking libtard extraordinaire. Left just keeps melting w/ their anti-american ways. Trumps win in N. Korea (If this was Bath-house Barry they would be kissing his Muzzy ass).
    (Instead they attack and dont support their country. Comical...
    And thank god Trump has secured our borders and it hasn't been a free for all like it was under Obama.

    Essentially he secured his re-election in 2020, because no doubt the millions of people from Central and South America along with the "refugees" (aka jihadis) would have all voted Democrat.. and got the lunch pails filled with our tax dollars or stuff paid for with our tax dollars.. Another
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    I was refering to Chick-Fil-A owner's views. So what he doesn't support same sex marriage, that's his right. The whole story is silly; getting mad at someone because they eat at a restaurant that a group doesn't support. Is the twitter ceo gay or something?

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