Gyno Issues On TRT

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    Gyno Issues On TRT

    I have been on TRT 200mg test cyp 1 mg anastrozole weekly for about 3 months. I feel great better sleep, wake refreshed, and have even noticed a good amount of fat loss with a good diet and no cardio.

    History 34 yoa with gyno history. In january i had gyno removed from both nipples. I had ran a few cycles before but even with research ai and nolva i still had issues with gyno.

    About a month ago I started getting itchy nipples so I got with my DOC who upped my anastrozole from 1 mg weekly to 3 mg weekly and 10mg tamox twice daily until symptoms cleared. I felt they went away and stopped tamox after about 3 weeks and within the next week I had a lump begin to form under my left nipple. I got back with my doc who had me start the tamoxifen again which I had already done and also prescribed me cabergoline .5mg twice a week. I have an in office visit on the 18th for blood and follow up.

    Could i just be very sensitive to estrogen or is this a progesterone or prolactin issue?

    I hope we can get this sorted out because I feel so much better but I don't want to risk gyno again after I just dropped 4500 to get it removed.
    I know labs will tell the truth but I'm just looking for some answers from anyone in the know. I read somewhere that b6 helps with this if it is progesterone but not sure to what extent and i don't want to star anything until after labs are done.

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    Now my Urologist put me back on TRT to prevent further spread of prostate related growth of cancers. He said that low testosterone seems to cause Prostate cancer. That is why young and middle aged men never get prostate cancer since they have high testosterone levels.

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