our newsie will be going out shortly so keep an eye for out it.

IN honor of the greatest rally in the USA, sales code for aipctshop.com is having a sale 10% off and the sales code is Sturgis2018


If you don't know about Sturgis google it absolutely killer time. Riding across the USA to Sturgis was one of my fond memories of my time in school in USA.

Also would like to introduce our new europe site, FusianPharma.com

Currently there are sales on there already for all items so the sales code is only for aipctshop.com

In our eu site there is Tiromel, cabaser, evista and more. As the india shops are out of ralista and t3... and we are tired of depending on the firms for those items we had to move to EU for some items. So when India is out of stock we hope that EU will always have items so we can assist you always.

We will be adding items that you guys want us to look for and host there, like we are putting up metformin, hcg (this is expensive however) and insulin shortly.

We ship DHL out of the EU. Currently it is to UK and USA and every other country is a contact us and we will work it out. Shipping is discounted at 25 USD (for dhl that is cheap takes about two days to three days ship time and two days for us to process average) so shipping is faster then India.

We can not mix and match india and eU orders that is why there are separate sites. But same firm just shipping different locations. Pmt is crypto coin and gift card only for EU site.

Unfortunately we can't do HGH or EPO or Nebido but we can refer you to who can. Just ask.