Just a heads up, here is the latest USA raws stock list for your reference,

In stock on July 10th,
Test P 2850g
Test C 2650g
Test E 4650g
Sustanon 900g
Test base 600g
Npp 350g
Deca 250g
Boldenone Undecylenate 2100g
Mast P 600g
Tren A 975g
Tren E 350g
Dianabol 2300g
Anadrol 1050g
Stanozolol 200g
Clomid 200g
Turinabol 550g
superdrol 300g
Mesterolone 300g
Sildenafil 800g
Tadalafil 400g
HGH black tops 540 vials
HCG 5000iu 350 vias

These raws will arrive on 11th or 12th of July.
Test C 7000g
Test E 4000g
Tren A 2500g
Tren E 2500g
Mast e 300g
Mast p 300g
Anavar 2000g
Stanozolol 1500g

Still on the way to USA,
1-Test C/DHB 300g
Sustanon 1000g
Deca 2000g
Npp 1000g
Mast e 1000g
Mast p 1000g
Primo e 300g
Anavar 400g
Tadalafil 2000g
Nolvadex 500g

If any raws you need not in the list, just let me know.