hi everybody
in order to celebrate our new website working and welcome autumn
we carry this great sales , pls check the following:
1. Orange top puretropin hgh(10iu/vial)
(mini-order is 5kits,if the order is below 5kits, we will charge 55$ as shipping fee.for example, if you order 4kits, the amount is 440+55=495. If you order 6kits, the amount is 660$.)

2. Grey top puretropin hgh(15iu/vial)
Buy 1 to get 1
( if you order 1kit and you will get 1 free kit .=pay 310$ to get 1+1=2kits。
If you order 2kits and you will get 2free kit.=pay)620$ to get 2+2=4kits, and so on )

3. Hcg(5000iu/vial)
Buy 2 to get 1
(pay 420$ to get 2+1=3kits)

4. peptides
Buy 2 to get 1 (each item)
For examples, if you order 2kits GHRP-6,just can get 1 free kit GHRP-6

5. Raws
If the amount of Raw Order is above 500$, we offer 20% off

? Payment: Bitcoin( if you can?t pay by bitcoin, pls pm us ),
? Time: one month( will end on Oct 4.)
? You can place your order by website or by email or by wickr
? Sure shipment, carry reship policy.
? when we get payment, the packs will be shipped within 2days,except peptides,peptides order will be shipped within 7days.
Website: www.ironlion-lab.net
Contact email: ironlion@keemail.me
Wickr: ironlionlabs