One of the oldest testosterones used in the market is Testoviron. It was created by the Schering company which we now call Bayer back in the 1930s. A drug named Testosterone Propionate claims to be the oldest drug in the market. Then came Testosterone Enanthate which was later known as Testoviron.

Low Testosterone Level
This drug was created to help the millions of people who are suffering from low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels may be the reason for low muscle mass, lethargic strength, and an increase in body weight. They may also experience lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction. There are psychological problems such as mental focus, lethargy, sleeping problems, irritability, and depression. This could also affect the immune system of the body.
A long prevailing problem of low-level testosterone levels can cause multiple problems like diabetes, heart complication, Alzheimer?s, osteoporosis and even infertility. With that, the creation of Testoviron was a huge help.

Testoviron Side Effects

Testoviron may have a lot of side effects, though these are highly depended on the genetic makeup of your body, and most of these can be avoided. One of the side effects of Testoviron is gynecomastia which can cause sensitive male nipples and the enlargement of male breasts. Water retention may also occur. High blood pressure may also be experienced because of water retention.
There are also physical side effects such as hair loss, acne and body hair growth. This is due to the second puberty that the body is undergoing due to the huge amount of testosterone in the body.

Testoviron Reviews on the Internet

There are various reviews available on the internet about this product. Some sources say that looking for any drug that would be as effective as Testoviron in terms of testosterone production would be hard. Some are claiming that this would be the best testosterone product that the client has ever used. Testoviron has a long history as one of the oldest steroids in the market. The fact that it is still continually selling just proves the effectivity of the product, says one user.
Users note that the testosterone strands used in this one Testosterone Enanthate are probably one of the easiest steroids a beginner could use. They also say that it can still be useful even to those who have been using steroids for a long period of time. It is claimed to be one of the most versatile steroids available on the market and would be worth every penny spent.

It has been proven by the users that this drug has a great effect based on the praises it got through the years. The effects of the product seem to be decent enough, and fast enough for many bodybuilders. Just remember that overusing the product has its repercussions and an excess of something is always bad. There is also the reminder that when missing one dosage one must not drink double to compensate for the lost dose. Continuing on your current cycle will still make the effects come through.