Jacob here and I am just back to work from a conference and think it is about time for a sale, so if you have not subscribed to our newsletter please do so, you can do so


I'm not sure what the sale will be, last time was free ems shipping, before has been % discounts, just gotta see how the day goes but I'll try to get something set up today so sign up if you are not already signed up.

There are a host of items we can not carry that is available in our region, like modafin, botox, nebido, hgh, Soma, Tramadol and more. So we do recommend using Modafinshop.com for items we can't / won't sell.

They are near us and reputable and from what I understand will be creating a make a pack option that you can get a sleeve of this / sleeve of that for certain items.

In any event they released a sale and I thought I'd give them a shout out as they carry items we can not.

10% off their items using this code. I do think there is a 25 USD minimum or such BTW. but the code is Makepacksale

This week or next I'll see if we can't get a sale for FusianPharma.com going also.

Let me get back in the saddle and I hope this week we have some new items working for our shop and I promise I'll get a newsletter out shortly with a sale for you guys !