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In this latest newsletter is a sale code for 10% off on your order of 50 USD or more. Plus, due to the popularity of Echeck, we will waive the echeck fee for any order over 200 USD in product after discount for a limited time saving you over 20 USD more.

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Echeck has become very popular with 80% of the people who use it placing another order within one more using echeck again. So avoid those crypto coin fluctuations, avoid the wait for firms like coinbase and more to authorize your coin purchases.

Also in this newsletter is the announcement of a new Raloxifene coming out shortly, since Cipla does not seem to be making Ralista anymore and no news or updates we've been on the look out for a new reputable source and we've found one with the announcement coming soon.

Also is an update about postage stuck from the Florrance Hurricane issues with the backlog of USPS and customs there seems to be a day or two of shipping that still is not sorted that the staff is working on daily with EMS to push USPS to correct things or declare them lost.

And lastly which is not in the newsie but should announce we are now starting to work and ship some items with DHL which should allow you to waive signature and be more reliable then the USPS and cut maybe a little bit of time off the shipments.

Lastly thank you to all our customers, we do work daily to try to earn not only your first order but your future orders.