49ers WR Sues Over Failed PED Test, Your Creatine Had Roid

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    49ers WR Sues Over Failed PED Test, Your Creatine Had Roid

    49ers WR Sues Over Failed PED Test, Your Creatine Had Roid

    San Francisco 49ers WR Victor Bolden Jr. is suing the people who make his creatine -- claiming it was contaminated with an anabolic steroid and that's why he failed his NFL drug test!!

    Bolden tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in March 2018 -- and was suspended by the NFL for the first 4 games of the 2018 season ... a HUGE deal for Victor considering he's a bubble player who doesn't make a lot of money. Plus, the 49ers later drafted a WR in the 2nd round to compete with Bolden.

    Problem is ... Bolden claims he's not a cheater, never intentionally took a banned substance and believes he can PROVE it was his nutrition company that screwed him over.

    Bolden's beef is with Rogue Nutrition -- which makes a product called Trident Creatine. Bolden says he started taking it in February after he was assured it was a clean, safe product.

    The very next month, Bolden tested positive for Ostarine -- a banned substance -- and the NFL suspended him. The suspension cost him 25% of his 2018 salary.

    In his lawsuit, Bolden claims he had the Creatine tested at the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) and it showed the product did, in fact, contain Ostarine.

    Now, Bolden says Rogue should have to pay him back for his lost wages -- plus other damages (like lost endorsements and his tarnished reputation).

    The NFL believes athletes are responsible for what they put into their bodies -- but Bolden says he tried to do everything he could to stay clean ... and it's Rogue that dropped the ball.

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    The NFL sucks ass anyway. If they found out that masturbating before the game gives a competitive edge, they'll try to ban it.

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