Whey protein contains the highest amount of BCAA which is the most important fuel needed for muscle building & recovery, as compared to a plant source of protein.

Consider this simple mechanism:

  1. When you workout or exercise, the muscle tends to break down.
  2. For it to build up again stronger, muscle needs the necessary fuel that is Protein.
  3. Now, per serving the body is able to absorb and use about 30 gm. protein to the maximum. That is why any meal/drink that you take should provide at max 30g of protein for it to be absorbed by the body
  4. Another point to consider is the BCAA which helps repair the muscle fiber and that is why having a 5 gm. or more of BCAA is the best option.

A little about my own experience with protein supplements, I have been working out for quite some time now and have used couple of protein supplements.