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    Uncle Z EP Review

    Wanted to give a full review on everything I ran from Uncle Z's Euro Pharmacies line during my "prep".

    For those that followed me during this "prep" you know I had colitis issues and such which effected results in the end but, we pushed through. Considering I did have these issues and still did as well as I did, I think that alone speaks to the quality of the line but, we'll go in more depth.

    This was a 20 week prep. Started out eating up to regain some lost size due to injury so about a 13-12 week "cut".

    Starting drugs were Sust, Deca and Test E.

    I split the sust and test e 500/250 respectively. Deca was ran between 3-400mg.

    I had labs pulled about 6 weeks in and blood levels were right at 2900 which is where I normally test at with this dose so the hormone is as advertised. Deca effects were noticeable. A tiny bit of water and much needed relief on my joints. There was no pip with any of these oils. Nothing crashed. Spot on gear.

    Second "phase" was switching to Test p, mast p, tren a and NPP. These were ran at 50mg ed for 2 weeks until I increased test p to 100mg Ed for the remainder. The test prop and mast prop were pain free. Even at a full ml on the test in an area like delts I had no pip. The tren ace had a little bite but every tren ace I've ever used has. This was no worse then anything else I've used.

    I had noticeable libido increase when I added in the mast even at this dose. Strength didn't drop at all even when I was getting pretty low in body fat. Was extremely full and didn't flatten out unless I was deep into low carb for a while. Was getting a bit of indigestion that I believe could have came from the tren but, it could also have been my gut. No telling. Sleep was decent but these last couple weeks the night sweats have gotten pretty bad. The short esters, just like the long performed as expected.

    I also ran a small dose of t3 and clen the last few weeks. T3 is tricky to notice at that dose and duration but, the fat kept melting off, and I did notice increase in body temp at random times that is common with t3.

    The clen. By far the best clen I've ever used. Most guys think that if you're not shaky from clen it's junk. That's not true at all. I started the clen at 40mcg and worked up to 60mcg but ran out and had to use another brand (research company who isn't here anymore) and all hell broke loose. Shaky, felt like shit, cramps. This could be it was over dosed but as per the bottle, it was the same amount. I switched back to the EP clen when I got more and all the sides went away and progress continued. No cramps, no shaky, no shit feeling. Without a question, the best clen I've ever used.

    I plan to use their product during my rebound phase as well and expect great results.

    Thanks Z And Otyg for the opportunity and great product/service!

    Start to finish pics. 239-225

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    Thanks for the positive words brother and the straight up honest reviews on everything you have used so far. Your progress shows that between the gear and hard work forsure. Keep doing what you been doing we?d like to see more reviews on your behalf.
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