Ole Coolhand needs help

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    Ole Coolhand needs help

    Boy am i gonna get flamed for this, but i have a question and i dont know how to pose to or who to pose it to. So i will tell you my situation....

    I have to have spine surgery.

    I am planning a banger of a cycle after I'm cleared to lift. Usually 4-5 weeks.

    I want to dose Test at a cc a wk for healing properties ahead of time however.

    I dont know much about clogged/blocked receptors from gear. But I'm concerned that if i start with the low test dose, by the time i cruise into my cycle, it wont have the same "bang" so to speak.

    I just want max results from this cycle, but I'd like to TRT dose now.

    Maybe i should just wait, maybe the test will aid in recovery idk... thats why I'm here. Hope to hear from some old friends.

    To mods: plz dont move this thread if you can avoid it. I only ever posted in AG and i doubt anyone will answer me elsewhere.

    Ps. Does Azza still show his asshole with this child filming ?
    " You don't have to outrun them all... you just have to stay ahead of the fastest one "

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    So I'm assuming you cycle off then? Running TRT will suppress you for longer but other than that here's my thoughts:

    The low dose won't make much difference in receptor sensitivity man. It'll definitely help healing my increasing IGF-1 and other growth factor levels somewhat.

    But here's what I would do to maximize recovery potential and minimize downtime. Start GH at 2-3iu daily for about a month before surgery, that'll get your IGF-1 levels maximized so when the initial inflammation sets in and delivers platelets to the injured area, your growth factors will be maximized.

    At that point you could always run some BPC to increase healing even more.

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