Upper muscle rounds.

Fucking barbell broke lol. 4 plate t bar rows stripped the collar and, even after I tried to tighten it back up, it came loose during meadows rows. Already ordered another bar. This was a cheap ass CAP bar. Figured it would break soon. I was able to use the bar for my pressing but, anything where it's vertical won't be working.

I did get my single hand attachment in today but, only three sets on muscle rounds before the bar snapped.

T bar row - 4*23, 22
Meadows - 2*14-broke
Pull-ups - 23
Floor press - 225*23, 205*22, 185*24
Seated shoulder press - 135*25, 23
Bench rear lateral - 30*27, 23
Side lateral - 30*23, 22
Knee raises - 5*15

Great pump. Floor press was new. Had to work out the best position to smash the chest in the upper portion of the lift. I didn't do triceps today since that smoked them pretty good.

Rolling right along!

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