I really love and respect BB and athletes, but now I would like to express my subjective opinion about women athletes from an aesthetic point of view.
First, whatever amount of steroids a girl takes, the changes will be. Even if they are not so visible, even if 10 mg of Anavar is taken, hormonal changes do occur. After all, even a small disbalance gives changes in the cycle and a day of delay.
I will not talk about men, because steroids are modified testosterone (mostly) and generally it's a male hormone. And a high concentration in women leads to a loss of the cycle (before infertility), signs of virilization are such that can be combated (hairiness) and such (deep voice, rough features).
And then the most important question-what does it give for women? I think that it started back in the 80s when the feminist movement was at a high level and most women wanted to prove that they are not quite the weaker sex, but competitive.
Whatever the attitude of female bodybuilders, we must not forget that all this dry mass is produced by hard work. How much you do not prick, but if you do not give all the best, you will forever remain a nobody.