Going to try something new this year ! Hope to bugger this works as planned.

Special offers will be released every day at 6 am EST USA and last till 11:59 PST USA time zone.

Each day a different offer, the discount will auto start and auto close, we can not go back and apply this offer, once the offer auto ends it is over sorry guys. You need to get the order INPUT into the system during the valid time, pmt can be manually paid later but if orders are not paid in say two days after then the discount will not apply.

This will go on for a week

Sunday 23
Monday 24
Tuesday 25 Xmas Day

Wednesday 26
Thursday 27

Friday 28
and lastly Saturday the 29th

Watch our thread each day for the special offer !

BE SAFE GUYS, Holiday time is lovely but sadly I've lost a few mates during the holidays to accidents. Take it easy and be safe !