On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me? let there be a free Xtane?.

From 0600 EST till 23:59 PST (EST and PST is American Time Zone for our Aussie / taiwanese / japanese / Brit and other brothers get a time zone calculator)

Put two in your cart the cart will automatically adjust to give you a free one, but three in your cart and you will get one free. There is no minimum meaning you want to order ONE Xtane and get one, go for it. You want to include this with other items, go for it. You want to order 10 Xtane go for it, you will only pay for 9. But you only get ONE free Xtane.

December10 Sales code is still active for 10% off everything else but this 10% off does not count for xtane, so if you want to buy a lot of xtane and use the code, wait a day, tomorrow when Xtane is off the BOGO it will qualify for the 10% off.

Please do not ask my staff to add this manually they can not do it, it is set int he computer back end and when it finishes it is over they can not adjust this for people who miss the timeline. If you order and input your order and want to pay with Alt pmt or Echeck that is fine, it just needs to be paid timely. But if you put in your order 1 or 10 or 20 minutes late, sorry will not apply.

Stay tuned for sales tomorrow the 24th through Sat the 29th. What will each day bring ? You need to come back and check for the post.

Sunday 23 BOGO Xtane offer limit 1

Monday 24 ???????????..

Tuesday 25 Xmas Day ??????..
Wednesday 26 ??????????
Thursday 27 ??????????...
Friday 28 ????????????..
and lastly Saturday the 29th ????.

(Notes: Do not worry if your old account is not active we are still moving our site to a new home so the move is not complete yet. Just order and you can make a new account if you like.)