I think there's two types of people in this world of bodybuilding/fitness.

Extremist and everyone else.

Most guys out there, kinda follow a nutrition plan and eat what they think is "clean food". They don't really micromanage every little bite of food they put into their body because let's face it, it's hard and time consuming and, for most, it's not that important.

Then we have that small percent that stew over every meal. Weigh every ounce. Eat every meal on time. Never cheat.

I wanna talk about this second one.

I know guys in this second group are going to pick at the food this holiday. Probably eat only the turkey and maybe some veggies if they're there. Just trying to keep on track!

STOP. If there's one thing I've learned in the short time I've been doing this is that, when special occasions happen, enjoy it. Have some pie! Have a drink. Hell have a few. It's not gonna matter in the long run. I promise!

Often times I'll have guys substitute two of their typical meals for one free feeding on a holiday of what they want. Now this doesn't mean eat until you Puke but, it does mean have a good meal, eat a dessert and enjoy the day.

At the end of this long ride called life, you'll remember these days of enjoyment.... You won't remember your 8oz chicken and 1c rice meal..... Think about that.