Here we have 2 simultaneous promos going on at once. They are simple, and require no extra effort. All you have to do is order as you usually would and we'll do the rest.

-These promos apply to INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTS ONLY (as always, unless otherwise stated).
-All dollar amounts mentioned are BEFORE SHIPPING FEES.

PROMO 1 - Boner-fy Your Order
(ENDS Valentines Day 2/14/19)

This one's simple folks. It's not too HARDto understand unless you're a little THICK. I won't bore you with a LONG, STRETCHED OUT description, I'll just give you the MEAT and potatoes.

Here's how to boner-fy your order.....
For every $200 you spend with us, you get a free pack of Cialis.
(EP Oils and Orals only)

For those of you who are visual learners...

Help us grow and we'll help you grow

Promo 2 - 1 Kit 100iu Eurotropin HGH + 1 pack T4 for $150
(Lasts until further notice)

Come get it while it's hot!