OK folks we are going to try something new and please bear with us while we work on this and get the kinks worked out.

There will be a toll free number you can call to reach out to us after hours. From 9:30 AM EST USA to 9:30 PM EST USA you can ring us at


We will work to have the most common questions be able to answer, and you can leave messages like can we get this medicine or that, can you make a smaller pack size, I emailed you but did not hear back yet, what is tracking etc...

I need to work with them on the rules and the shop and the system and more so PLEASE PLEASE give us time and understand while we sort out the issues and kinks and such. They are not supervisors but if they can't help they can relay messages to me or supervisors to assist. It will be a learning curve for the staff but give them time.

We are here for you folks and we felt like we wanted to add a number you can reach someone and verify that we are legitimate operations. So many emails are going to spam or such we want you to feel secure.

Don't forget that we are still doing the free shipping for orders over 200 USD for a little longer also ! FatTuesdayFreeShipping is the code