I think there is more than only 3 good exercises at the gym. Actually, you cannot target every muscular function using only 3 moves. I like-

Seated cable rows are by far favorite workout to do at the gym. I had to put them at number one since I?m a beast at this compound exercise, and you feel so cool while doing it. People are looking at me like a fucking freak! These have gave me an extremely thick upper back, and have complimented my rear delts and lower back quite well.

Shoulder presses are by far the coolest workout anyone can be seen doing, seriously without this workout I wouldn?t have my greatest asset which are my shoulders. The mix of adrenaline and style is what makes this number 2. I prefer them seated, but standing makes you look like a bad ass.
This workout is an iso, but it has to be forearm barbell curls for me. The forearm pump I get from this workout is incomparable, while my face turns into a tomato, my foreams are so red and vascular it?s almost as if my arms are going to explode. The best feeling is when I just finish a set to failure, my forearms are burning in a pleasurable way as they get hard as a rock. Thanks