CT Fletcher Celebrates 1 Year With His New Heart

CT Fletcher is one of the most interesting athletes in the history of fitness. He is powerlifting, bodybuilding, and a multiple bench press world champion. And he is one of the most hard-working athletes when it comes to training.

Unfortunately, in 2001, CT Fletcher was informed to have hypertension which was potentially deadly. In 2005, the athlete experienced a cardiac arrest and had an urgent open heart surgery. After 3 heart stops, he survived.

Now, he became the biggest motivation for everyone. In 2017, Fletcher had another heart attack. Already in 2018, he stopped training and in May, he found his new heart, the doctors found a suitable donor for him. He is sharing his experience with a heart transplant 1 year after his surgery.

Multiple heart attacks seem not to be able to stop this Superman from Compton. He remains one of the brightest examples of how to reach your goals and believe in yourself. This man is a live proof that nothing is impossible!