After DMAA Products Were Seized by FDA, Hi Tech Pharma Get Items Returned

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    Lightbulb After DMAA Products Were Seized by FDA, Hi Tech Pharma Get Items Returned

    After DMAA Products Were Seized by FDA, Hi Tech Pharma Get Items Returned

    Hi Tech getting their products back from the FDA?!

    The supplement business can truly be a beast to handle. With all the different approvals and sign offs needed it can be a daunting task to keep track of what can and can’t be put on the market.

    With so many different substances being used in products, when an ingredient is deemed illegal it can really turn everything on it’s head. Popular supplement company Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals learned that the hard way when the FDA seized all of their products containing the illegal substance DMAA.

    While it was a major blow to the supplement companies image, a judge later found that the seizing of their products by the FDA was indeed itself an illegal act. As such, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals have been able to get back all the products taken by the FDA which contained DMAA.

    This turn events by no means gives Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals the right to once again sell products containing DMAA. As of now, DMAA is still considered to be illegal. But with their products being returned it does indeed raise some questions about the steps the FDA took to seize the items in question.

    Jared Wheat explains how much DMAA product was seized by the FDA as well as the markt value of the products being returned to Hi Tech.

    While this doesn’t mean DMAA is once again hitting the market, it does lessen the blow for Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. While the production of DMAA is illegal, these products being returned were made prior to the ban opening up speculation on if these products can still be sold. That is of course only speculation for now as nothing has been explicitly confirmed.

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    Its a step in the right direction. Getting closer to having DMAA back. I been taking the new lipodrene with DMHA. It still an effective fat burner but I like the extra edge DMAA gives me.

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